ALL the SA cultures

South Africa - a country bursting with unique cultural diversity, with its 11 official languages, 9 provinces and many, many more subcultures.  Our heritage includes an ancient people of the land, Dutch traders and farmers, English colonialists, African people from all over the continent, Indian artisans, slaves and even French winemakers.  

The history books tell us of countless rivalries, partnerships and glorious transitions that make up the rich tapestry that makes up the South Africa we know today - the South Africa that is home to people with quirky habits and many stories to share.  New subcultures are formed every day, from the Cape Town hipsters, the eccentric and colourful Smarteez to the outright weird and wonderful Zef!  We believe there is no better way to portray all of real South African culture than through food and performing arts,  shared around an intimate table while engaging all your senses.



Enjoy the food that South Africans from all walks of life have have grown up on - food that bring nostalgic memories to life.  Chef Nigel - a born and bred Capetonian South African - and his team gets creative with all our familiar favourites.  He dares to add a splash of flair and fancy to each of the five tapas courses that make up this culinary safari through South Africa.  Come hungry! 

No SA meal is complete without a good beer and some signature wine.  Savour some home-brewed Drifter Craft beer available on tap.  We particularly recommend the try the Cape Town Blonde and the Stranded Coconut ale.   Not in the mood for beer? Then opt for some hipster style gin and tonic infused with Buchu, the South African miracle herb. 


A fine selection of South African wines from the Cape are also on offer, including a special Township crafted wine that is not to be missed.

Coming Together

hear & see

A visit to South Africa would not be true unless it is done in the spirit of sharing.   Sensa SA affords the opportunity to dine around the very same table as your host and the local artists and entertainers, removing the barrier and opening up channels for honest discussion about life and culture in South Africa.

See the world through a variety of angles as you share food and art with people from all over the globe.  The setting is intimate and relaxed, the number of attendees are limited to ensure an exclusive and enriching cultural experience.   


Every item on the table represents a piece of the SA culture puzzle.  Your host will guide you through the evening with tales and lessons of where everything fits in and what its cultural significance is.   You will end the night having had a full spectrum glance into all the major cultures of our wonderful South Africa!  

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